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Through 25 years I’ve studied human interactions and how mindsets affect decision making and degrees of success. Today, I’m a strategic advisor, speaker, board member, researcher, Founder, and CEO of the global magazine ManageMagazine.

I have a Master of Science in Sociology and a Ph.D. in Organizational Studies and Innovation Management. More importantly, I am a student of life and business and have several years of business experience as entrepreneur


We are a great match if you are searching for skills within these main five areas of expertise:

1) Holistic view of your organization and identification of growth barriers and growth potentials

2) Cross-functional integration, collaboration, collaborative advantage partnerships, and communication

3) Innovation Management

4) Social Media (SOME) and educational marketing

5) The interconnection of your brand, brand identity, brand agenda, mission, and vision


In practice, these areas are integrated parts of a healthy organization. Optimizing any one of these fields will positively impact others and lead to growth. My focus is mainly on the SME segment (Small-to-Medium Enterprises)


You get a creative board member, who is quick to identify barriers and potentials for growth, developments, and collaboration. 

Based on a unique background in practice-driven research and many years of experience as a strategic advisor, consultant, and CEO for an online magazine about leadership and management, I can contribute ideas and perspectives not previously present in the boardroom.

My motivation resides in making a real positive difference and in collaborating about the creation of value for leaders, staff, and customers – always in light of the social and economic growth of the organization.

Board Work Experience

Central contributions as a Board Member or Advisory Board Member:


Strategy development, conceptualization, and planning for the optimization of collaboration and knowledge sharing across 13 municipalities. 

At Business Region Aarhus I developed a major strategic plan for increasing high-quality collaboration and knowledge sharing across involved municipalities; a plan that all agreed to and could see themselves in. Moreover, a plan for tactical organizational change as regards the work processes and implementation of the strategy was developed.


Development of a social media communication plan aiming to increase homepage traffic and user engagement. 

For Inclusion-Nudges I worked to ensure a sustainable business model. Moreover, I advise about strategies for social media, educational marketing, and tactics concerning everything from search engine optimization (SEO), link building, and the use of power links (internal and external) and other online strategies, which some may argue are of the more geeky kind.


Strategic advice, business growth opportunities, and personal leadership advice.

At Katapult I advise on business strategy, planning, and vision. Moreover, I provide personal leadership advice for Managing Director Torben Dahl. I started at Katapult at a time of financial cutbacks, which has created much focus on new business opportunities of the future and thus ‘inventing’ the theater anew.


Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard as part of the TEAM

By nature a down-to-earth and smiling person, ready to listen, observe, challenge, and contribute to a professional environment and boost energy levels.

With the health and prosperity of the organization at eye – I hope to collaborate on making the best possible solutions for your organization. Greater results are not necessarily more difficult to create. They just call for a different mindset and another way of navigating.

It is a great privilege to contribute to organizational success through guidance and advice, and I always prioritize working with organizations ready to implement necessary changes for growth and success.


You are always welcome to call me at 5059 5013 to explore a potential collaboration.

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