How do we Collaborate Successfully Across Units, Teams, and Departments?

How do we Collaborate Successfully?

Even the most succesful organizations are challenged by cross-departmental collaboration. Thankfully, research and knowledge from practice have much to offer about what works well and what works less well.

The pillar of succesful collaboration – within and across units – is great relations. Hence, to master cross-departmental collaboration, there is a need for deep insights into, what fosters great relations and how are conditions for great relations initiated and established in practice.

This talk inspires you and your team to great collaboration within and across teams by offering insights into, how you increase self-awareness and activate relational intelligence to create great relationships. By increasing the level of understanding for each others’ professional work, empathy, communication, coordination and knowledge sharing is simultaneously increased. Thereby, it becomes possible to remove barriers for collaboration to focus instead on given tasks, goals, and the organization’s purpose.

Understanding each others’ Perspectives, Dominant Logics, Visions and Expectations will Help you Collaborate

More often that not, teams, units, departments have their own goals, visions, and expectations while using a professional language (jargon) that reflects their mutual experience and educational background. Professions often reflect, what I call ‘dominant logics’. In brief, dominant logics describe a mentality that becomes so strong that practice is based on it and sometimes it becomes increasingly difficult to view things from other people’s perspectives. This can create unnecessary tension and misunderstandings across units and people. It furthermore creates stress and reduces trustful relations – resulting a negative downward spiral as concerns coordination, knowledge sharing, and collaboration in genenral.

With renewed insights into each others’ positions and perspectives – it is possible to cast a fresh look on barriers to great relations and cross-departmental collaboration for the benefit of all. This creates a greater work environment, which in turn enables psychological safety, knowledge sharing, and creativity. Moreover, and perhaps more importantly – when people come together to help each other solve problems – work becomes valuable and meaningful. Today it is well known that healthy organizations with thriving leaders and employees are the ones making the greatest results.

With this talk you are invited to initiate a dialogue in your organizations, about how a mutual understanding of relations, different perspectives, knowledge sharing, coordination, culture and conscious life leadership can make collaboration across units, teams, and departments successful – all within the frame of your daily organizational life.

Research about cross-functional integration and collaboration are internationally recognized and take their point of departure in organizational daily practices.

Book this talk if you want to foster greater and more intelligent relationships with greater collaboration to follow – within and across units, teams, and departments. This way you are paving the way for the thriving of all people in your organization – with creativity and organizational growth to follow.


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