The ability to find inner peace strengthens both mental and physical health. With a focus on awareness, knowledge of both yourself and others increases. Mindfulness and awareness bring about a renewed kindness, humanity and sociability, which has a positive effect on yourself and everyone around you.

Your inner peace and joy are to varying degrees obscured by identification with experiences, thoughts, feelings, and sensory impressions from the world around you. It leaves almost all people in a state where they seek to fill an inner void in the knowledge that there is greater joy. What you are really seeking is to be united with your inner natural Being – your innermost core and essence.

n the course you learn to identify mental patterns and emotions etc. which stand in the way of the cohesion with your inner Being – your inner self.

Get a practice to live in the present, be more aware and find joy in your inner being

Reaching your inner Being requires you to learn to live in the ’now’. The ‘now’ is the only moment that exists. It is therefore the only gateway to your inner consciousness.

If you spend energy on the past or stress about the future, you probably feel a lack of energy. I will show you how to bring your energy home to yourself by having a ‘practice’. I am not exaggerating when saying that it may be the most important skill that you will ever learn for the benefit of your well-being.

Moreover, by practice, I mean both mental training, where you learn to create a focused and attentive inner space within yourself, as well as practice for changes in your daily activities. I will introduce you to mindfulness meditation both in theory and practice.

You will gain an understanding of why it is just as important to train the mind as it is to train the body. You also learn the benefits of having a practice. Most important of all – you learn to bring your energy home to yourself and gain knowledge about how you are mindful in your daily life and how you create a practice of mindfulness.

Mindfulness guides concentration, increases awareness, and aligns attention. It is in this process that you become more familiar with your inner Being and clear up the mental desk.

How to do Mindfulness Meditation

Establishing a ‘practice’ is essential and a difficult bridge to cross without a little help.

It is not about sitting in a cross-legged position, but about ‘tuning in’ to your inner being and being open to what you find. Training inner peace should be as natural as training the body. A practice that creates and increases awareness in the present moment will significantly increase your level of energy.

Strengthening your inner peace, presence, and awareness with mindfulness increase both physical and mental health. You will experience better sleep, less stress, and physical calmness. In addition, you will experience a present awareness, and ease of concentration, focus, and mental energy. Finally, a practice has a positive countervailing effect on depression, stress, anxiety, and a lot of physical symptoms such as heart palpitations, high blood pressure, and much more. All in all, it is the way to create balance, where the breath is the link between body, mind, and the ‘outside’ world.

Workshop or Mindfulness Course?

Increasing inner peace, silence, awareness, and presence with mindfulness requires practice. You can choose to gain knowledge about mindfulness in a workshop, where we cover everything you need to know to get started. Therein a mindfulness practice is exactly that –  a practice – you may prefer introducing leaders and teams to weekly Mindfulness Recharge Sessions.

The most important thing is for you to get over the hurdle of doing mindfulness and get started. Sure, it can seem a little odd at the beginning, yet it will reward you and your team for the rest of your life.

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