Workshop in Conscious Life Leadership invites you to gather your team with the aim of increasing awareness, collaboration, and great relationships.

Simply put, an organization does not get any better than the relationships that create it. Relationships are the cornerstone of good communication, collaboration, partnerships, engagement, innovation, and loyalty – plus much more.

Studies show, for example, that good relations between leaders/managers and employees greatly influence the organization’s positive results. We thrive in places that are characterized by great relations and this positively affects both the team and the bottom line.

Create Great Relationships, Collaboration, and a Healthy Organizational culture

The quality of relationships informs the quality of well-being, collaboration, and organizational culture in general.

Thus, it is of paramount importance for an organization to strengthen everyone’s understanding of themselves, other people, and the given context, which is the basis for all great relationships and good judgment.

To master such a holistic understanding, you are guided – by conscious life leadership – ​​to draw on multiple intelligences.

Lift Yourself and Others with Conscious Life Leadership

Conscious life leadership is about integrating deeper insights and data from both your inner and outer worlds. It provides good judgment, whereby you navigate relationships and the world around you with greater understanding and ease. You will experience a direct positive effect of this in your everyday life.

You must be able to lead yourself before you can lead people and organizations

We are all leaders of our own lives and some also of other people and organizations. It is not about self-management although it also solves self-management problems. It is about taking charge of leading with great judgment.

Conscious life leadership recognizes that by drawing on cognitive, emotional, and existential intelligence, a holistic understanding is promoted. This not only creates great relationships, but it also – in the wake of this – inspires a healthy work environment, which encourages knowledge sharing, creativity, collaboration, communication, focus, and effectiveness.

We live in a time with an enormous focus on knowledge. Hence, we must remind ourselves of the importance of wisdom. It’s one thing to know something – it is quite another to practice it. 10.000 books will not help anybody without the wisdom to apply the knowledge.

The Workshop Format: The Ideal Framework for Learning Conscious Life Leadership

It always creates smiles, great experiences, and lots of insights to learn conscious life leadership with colleagues. Moreover, it creates a ‘space’ where everyone dares to be themselves. The workshop thus encourages greater psychological safety in the team and that trust is in itself invaluable.

We will work with the following areas throughout the day:

Understand your inner self and be in touch with your Inner Being (deep self-insight); see the person/colleague/employee behind the personality; be brave, open, and curious; strengthen your self-esteem; know your values ​​so you can live and lead authentically; understand your purpose and match it with people and areas of management/responsibility; recruit by values, purpose, and passion; listen deeply; get a practice that invites the silence inside and teach the whole team conscious life management.

Why Prioritize Conscious Life Leadership?

As mentioned, an organization is no better than the relationships that create it.

Many are challenged by high levels of stress, low job retention, and thereto a lack of communication and collaboration in projects, teams, and across the organization.

Conscious life leadership solves – not surprisingly – many of these challenges, as the conscious life leader has far better prerequisites for creating companionship, innovation, creativity, psychological safety, cooperation, well-being, inspiration, good energy, cross-departmental collaboration, efficiency, and partnerships, etc. thereby reducing resignations and sick leave to name a few.

Teaching both leaders and teams conscious life leadership makes sense from an economic, human, and organizational culture point of view.


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Workshops are held for both managers and employees – together or separately – and the content is coordinated accordingly.

Workshops can be from approx. 4 hours and up to several days. Call for information about leadership courses that teaches both conscious life leadership and collaboration in teams and across departments/teams.


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