As a leader, you often face challenges and decisions alone. Leadership advice sessions offer you a confidential advisory partner, so you can freely share your thoughts and ideas.

We focus on your personal development as well as the challenges and opportunities of your organization.

Whether it’s about reducing stress, gaining strategic focus, improving relations and partnerships, or increasing growth and bottom line, it’s crucial to find solutions. The best leaders seek advice to achieve their goals.

Be the Leader you Always Wanted to have

Great leadership starts with self-awareness. By increasing your self-awareness and being authentic, you are more likely to utilize your resources where you are strongest. You also have a better eye for encouraging your employees to do the same. This inspires and gets noticed!

By delving into your values and further self-inquiry, you establish a solid foundation from which you signal trust and build strong relationships, collaboration, networks, and partnerships.

Personal leadership advice is an investment in becoming the greatest expression of yourself

Time Management

Do you organize your days effectively to avoid feeling unnecessary time and work pressure? It is hard to constantly feel behind. If this continues over a longer period, you risk poor mental and physical health. If you are physically and mentally unsettled or feel stressed, I will show you how to achieve both inner and outer peace.

A smile often starts with someone else’s smile. The same goes for calmness. By demonstrating calmness and inner harmony, you signal authenticity and trust around you. It enhances team spirit, efficiency, psychological safety, followership, collaboration, creativity, knowledge sharing, innovation, etc.

Get a Fresh Perspective on your Personal and Professional Challenges and Opportunities

It is difficult to analyze objectively the soup in which you sit

We all have our preferred and familiar perspectives – we wear ‘tinted glasses’. No matter how aware we are, there will always be blind spots where both barriers and opportunities are overlooked. Getting fresh eyes on given challenges and opportunities is a way to create quick results. 

Benefits of Leadership Advice with Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard, PhD

The leadership advisory process empowers you to strengthen your authentic leadership and achieve harmony, boosting both personal and organizational growth. We tackle your unique challenges, helping you harness your inner strength to excel in all relationships, which enhances peace, harmony, and relationship quality.

Should you be interested, I will train you in mindfulness and meditation. This will sharpen your mental clarity and focus and thereto bolster your efficiency, joy, and leadership capacity.

How Do Advice Conversations Work In Practice?

We probably meet in person. We can also talk online or by phone.

When you book a conversation, we will talk about the ongoing process best for you. You are always welcome to call and talk about whether leadership advice is the best way forward for you and the challenges at hand.

The most important thing for your personal and organizational growth is that you are ready to take action on your development.

Prices for Advice Sessions

When you book a package of more sessions, you achieve a lower price per session.


If this is your first time for leadership advice, this is an introductory offer for you who wants to create lasting positive change and development:

Introductory offer of 12 advisory sessions of 90 minutes each (18 hours) for 32,397 DKK excl. VAT. (normal price 43,997 DKK).


If you would like to try out leadership advice and see how it can help you – or if you have an acute problem that you would like to discuss – then you can choose:

5 advisory sessions of 1 hour each for 14,799 DKK excl. VAT.

Call for a free and non-binding chat about how you can tackle your challenges 5059 5013

About Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard, Ph.D.

I hold a PhD. from Copenhagen Business School in Organizational Studies and Innovation Management with a focus on collaboration across departments. Thereto I am a sociologist. For many years, I have researched barriers to great leadership, relations, and collaboration. In this context, I have developed the concept of conscious life leadership, which is an evidence-based solution for the challenges of modern leaders and organizations.

As a researcher, I have served for six years as an Honorary Researcher at the University of Technology, Sydney, collaborating with the world’s perhaps most renowned organizational researcher, Professor Stewart Clegg. Today, I do talks, workshops, and courses focused on collaboration, cross-functional teamwork, psychological safety, building strong relationships and partnerships, communication, mindfulness meditation, and conscious life leadership.

I am the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of global leadership and management magazine ManageMagazine.

Finally, I am an advisor for private people, leaders, organizational members, executives, and boards.

For 23 years, I have worked with, and explored, the connection between cognitive, emotional, and existential intelligence. 

My work spans multiple sciences and real organizational practice. For further details go to About Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard, PhD

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at 5059 5013 or write to



You can choose advice for any challenges and opportunities. Here are some examples of what other leaders have wanted to work on:

  • Career development and career shifts
  • Stress reduction
  • Strengthening your authentic leadership
  • The healthy interplay between body, mind, and consciousness
  • Increase the level of inspiration of both yourself and your employees
  • Purpose
  • Mindfulness, meditation, and intuition
  • Visionary leadership
  • Collaboration in teams and across teams and departments
  • Connecting company identity, brand identity, brand agenda, mission, and vision
  • Clear communication
  • Innovation management
  • Employer involvement  – where, when, and how?
  • Synergy creation so all want to be ‘on your team’
  • Strategy – social media, organizational change, etc.
  • Conscious training of focused attention
  • Training in social, emotional, and spiritual intelligence
  • Psychological safety
  • Growth identification and elimination of barriers

In collaboration, we identify the areas where you will potentially experience the most significant progress concerning yourself, your leadership, your interaction with other people, the organization, possible partners, and more.

Benefits you can expect if you choose to focus on it:

  • Less stress
  • Increasing health
  • Expanding your spaces of opportunity
  • A better understanding of employees
  • Greater relations across the organization
  • Greater feeling of joy
  • Increased level of self-worth
  • Increased motivation, inspiration, and energy
  • More peace of mind in your decision making, as it is now aligned with your core values
  • Reduction of complexity
  • Leadership with a vision that creates companionship
  • Better relations with employees, colleagues, managers, etc.
  • Clear communication
  • Trust and loyalty



Call me at 5059 5013 and let’s talk about your challenges and opportunities

You can also write to me at

Dr. Baunsgaard is bright, intelligent, and most importantly she has a playful wonder about how things work (or don’t work) and about what the future can look like. She offers a refreshingly innovative approach to not only bringing together multi and trans-disciplinary researchers and scholars, but also in developing ways in which such scholars and researchers collaborate and create mutual value and impact with the world of ‘practice’.

Tyrone Pitsis
Professor at Durham University

I find Baunsgaard’s theoretical approaches very innovative and original. Her research clearly benefits from an interdisciplinary approach based on a broad knowledge in the areas of sociology, management, and organization studies in general. She makes a valuable contribution to academic life – she’s a great colleague, an excellent teacher, and a flourishing author of high quality research.

Stewart R. Clegg
Distinguished Professor - University of Sydney

“Thank you for a fantastic evening.

Vibeke – you were magical, energetic, and absolutely wonderful”

Louise Andersen
- Consultant - DANVA

Vibeke came in and conquered the room with her deep knowledge and passion for business leadership and organization. Vibeke, she doesn’t copy, she dares find her own way built on research, facts, and from networking with the most visionary and influential people in international business and leadership. Vibeke always brings her heart and best intentions to the table. You can be sure to take away lots of food for thought and inspiration to pour directly into your own life and business.

Anne Bach Krog Iversen
Chief DNA & Culture Officer at TimeXtender.

I know many who offers advice and have been on many courses and advice sessions. You! You just take it a step deeper than the others.

- Executive, IT-company

The pearls of wisdom that you shared with the participants of the conference have been deeply appreciated and we want to place on record your remarkable sense of duty towards taking responsibility for the dissemination of the tenets and promotion of ethical practices in Media and Journalism. You really went above and beyond to help this conference reach its full potential.

Please accept hearty thanks from the MIT WPU family for all your support, vision, and guidance. Thanks once again for your remarkable and noteworthy contributions & participation.

Anuradha Parasar
- Dean and Professor, MIT World Peace University

I highly recommend Dr. Baunsgaard, who facilitates strategic decision-making at my company Apparat. We do monthly strategic sparring sessions, and I always get useful constructive feedback that I can translate into optimizing my ways of doing business.

Our strategic sessions are particularly helpful in terms of identifying new opportunities and blind spots so we get to the root causes of things otherwise easily overlooked. In sum, Vibeke’s strategic advice and holistic view are valuable assets for my company and drives Apparat to better results.

Lars Steen Møller
- Owner and Managing Director at Apparat.

At the design agency Beck & Kinch, Vibeke has been in a leading position as we set a new course for our company’s vision and mission. In this collaboration, we experience how Vibeke translates our great ambitions into edible and tangible here-and-now actions – all done with the greatest empathy, commitment, and passion.

Vibeke’s focus on content marketing and digitalization, in general, makes us think in new ways – and she inspires us constantly to lift the bar for what we thought was possible. We warmly recommend others to invite Vibeke into the engine room – because not only does she approach all tasks with her sleeves rolled up and a big smile – she also manages to get us to do the same.

Sofie Kinch
- Partner at Beck & Kinch

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