As a leader, you often are left alone with challenges, opportunities, and decision making. It can be difficult to discuss organizational matters and leadership challenges freely with people inside the organization given your leadership position.

In advice sessions, you can freely and confidentially share your deliberations. You can choose to focus on the development of you as a person and leader or focus on your organization – its challenges and opportunities.

Be the Leader you Always Wanted

Increase your level of awareness and be an authentic and harmonious leader. Then you are more likely to use your strengths effectively and have a better eye for letting your employees do the same.

By giving you a more in-depth knowledge of your own abilities and core values, you increase your ability and readiness to meet people in a more open way, ask questions and listen to input. Moreover, by going in-depth with values and you as a person, you establish a solid foundation from where you signal trust to everyone around you.

In this trusted space, you create, among other things, psychological safety, which fosters companionship, creativity, knowledge sharing, innovation, and more.

Personal leadership advice is an investment in becoming the greatest expression of yourself

First, we need to know where you want to go. Then we can talk about how to get you there. Personal leadership advice is an investment in becoming the greatest expression of yourself.

Get a Fresh Perspective on your Personal and Professional Opportunities

Talking about the things we do not know may disturb anybody’s zone of comfort. Yet – when you find the courage to do so, this is where you can achieve the greatest, fastest, and most positive results.

It is difficult to objectively cast light on the soup in which we sit

We all have preferred perspectives, which can stand in the way of seeing things with fresh eyes. Inviting another professional to shed light on challenges and opportunities can be extremely eye-opening. It is difficult to objectively cast light on the soup in which we sit.

In a confidential space of conversation – we view your challenges and opportunities both in detail and from a helicopter point of view – we consider short-term as well as long-term effects – taking into consideration important knowledge about context, your organization, employees, colleagues, board members, partners, and more

Prices for Advice Sessions

As a first-time offer, you are invited to receive 13 advice sessions (21,5) for DKK 32.397

This way we get to know each other and have time for making real changes in practice. People often overestimate what can be done in one or two sessions, but underestimate what can be positively changed over time.

Please note that all prices are excluding VAT.


5 advice sessions of 90 minutes (7,5 hours) DKK 19.997 – hourly rate DKK 2666

13 advice sessions (21,5 hours) DKK 43.997 – hourly rate DKK 2046

26 advice sessions (39 hours) DKK 71.997 – hourly rate DKK 1846

52 advice sessions (78 hours) DKK 129.597 – hourly rate DKK 1661


How Do Advice Conversations Work In Practice?

We meet either in person, online, or talk on the telephone – about an hour and a half and probably by the use of a combination of the options mentioned.

When you book a conversation, we will talk about the ongoing process best for you. You are always welcome to call and talk about if leadership advice is the best way forward for you and the challenges at hand.

The most important thing for your positive return on advice conversations is that you are ready to take action on your development.


You can choose advice for any challenges and opportunities. Here are some examples of what other leaders have wanted to work on:

  • Career development and career shifts
  • Stress reduction
  • Strengthening your authentic leadership
  • The healthy interplay between body, mind, and consciousness
  • Increase the level of inspiration of both yourself and your employees
  • Purpose
  • Mindfulness, meditation, and intuition
  • Visionary leadership
  • Collaboration in teams and across teams and departments
  • Connecting company identity, brand identity, brand agenda, mission, and vision
  • Clear communication
  • Innovation management
  • Employer involvement  – where, when, and how?
  • Synergy creation so all want to be ‘on your team’
  • Strategy – social media, organizational change, etc.
  • Conscious training of focused attention
  • Training in social, emotional, and spiritual intelligence
  • Psychological safety
  • Growth identification and elimination of barriers

In collaboration, we identify the areas where you will potentially experience the most significant progress in relation to yourself, your leadership, the interaction with other people, the organization, possible partners, and more.

Benefits you can expect if you choose to focus on it:

  • Less stress
  • Increasing health
  • Expanding your spaces of opportunity
  • A better understanding of employees
  • Greater relations across the organization
  • Greater feeling of joy
  • Increased level of self-worth
  • Increased motivation, inspiration, and energy
  • More peace of mind in your decision making, as it is now aligned with your core values
  • Reduction of complexity
  • Leadership with a vision that creates companionship
  • Better relations with employees, colleagues, managers, etc.
  • Clear communication
  • Trust and loyalty



Call me at 5059 5013 and let’s talk about your challenges and opportunities

You can also write to me at

I highly recommend Dr. Baunsgaard, who facilitates strategic decision-making at my company Apparat. We do monthly strategic sparring sessions, and I always get useful constructive feedback that I can translate into optimizing my ways of doing business.

Our strategic sessions are particularly helpful in terms of identifying new opportunities and blind spots so we get to the root causes of things otherwise easily overlooked. In sum, Vibeke’s strategic advice and holistic view are valuable assets for my company and drives Apparat to better results.

Lars Steen Møller
- Owner and Managing Director at Apparat.

At the design agency Beck & Kinch, Vibeke has been in a leading position as we set a new course for our company’s vision and mission. In this collaboration, we experience how Vibeke translates our great ambitions into edible and tangible here-and-now actions – all done with the greatest empathy, commitment, and passion.

Vibeke’s focus on content marketing and digitalization, in general, makes us think in new ways – and she inspires us constantly to lift the bar for what we thought was possible. We warmly recommend others to invite Vibeke into the engine room – because not only does she approach all tasks with her sleeves rolled up and a big smile – she also manages to get us to do the same.

Sofie Kinch
- Partner at Beck & Kinch

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