Book an extraordinary course for your leaders or employees.  six months course Conscious Life Leadership Masterplan – starting with an intense weekend of learning at the beautiful Dallund Castle from November 18-20 – 2022. During this course, you learn to create the life that provides you with the greatest sense of direction, meaning, and joy, and the teachings will guide you for the rest of your life.

Conscious Life Leadership Masterplan teaches you to create and navigate opportunities in life for you to experience both personal and professional success. The course is for you who want to: go from a job to a calling, specify your purpose and live out your Bevidst Livsledelse Dallund Slotdreams, have more joy and less worry in your everyday life, have deeper relationships, expand your consciousness, master a simple practice to increase calm and focus, learn to make a plan and understand how it is put into practice. You are ready to go from thinking to doing and I will show you how.

The course is unique therein that I guide you from start to finish – from knowledge to practice – and ensure you real-life positive change. Positive life changes, however, do not happen over the weekend, and therefore I follow you closely during the six months. The teachings have been tested countless times in practice and they do change lives positively. Please see some reviews at the bottom of the page. These teachings can change your life also if you are ready to invest in yourself.

This course is a combination of teaching modules and practice sessions. Throughout the six months, we have private advice sessions – for maximizing your personal growth, transformation, and development. Thereto we all join an online network group for continuous contact and guidance, and finally, the course ends with an online workshop about continuing your successes.

Conscious Life Leadership Masterplan focuses on three areas:

A) Be one with your inner Being: You learn to peel off the veiling layers to your inner natural state of Being to gain renewed clarity and insight. It is from this place that you consciously create and manifest your life;

B) Get a practice: You learn to have a practice that helps you live in the now, create inner focus, and concentration, as well as bodily and mental peace –  and

C) Self-Inquire: You learn how self-inquiry provides deep knowledge about who you are, which allows you to live an authentic life with coherence between your inner and outer worlds. This way you experience the passion, joy, and energy that comes from living out your purpose and visions.

Here are some reasons for joining Castle Course Conscious Life Leadership Masterplan:

  • I need to create a life of greater meaning and joy for both myself and the people around me
  • I want to understand and nail my purpose in life so as to set sails that catch my winds of passion
  • I know deep inside there is more to life than what I experience at the moment.
  • I have greater inner power than that expressed at the moment – I just need a little help activating it
  • I am ready for deep self-inquiry so I can create a future that fits me perfectly
  • I want to connect to my inner nature of being to live a happy life
  • I am done talking about a more joyful future and ready to create it
  • I want to excel at what I love to do
  • I want to create an environment in synch with my visions of the future and who I truly am
  • I want to experience happiness and inner peace
  • I am ready to let go of the past and focus on the Now
  • I want deeper and more compassionate relationships to be part of my life
  • I want freedom – inner freedom and professional freedom

Conscious Life Leadership Masterplan connects deep insight about you as a person with realistic plans for realizing your dreams and visions. The course is unique therein that I guide you from start to finish – from knowledge to practice – and thereby ensure your positive results. Let me explain to you each area a little further:

A: Connect and Be One with your Inner Being to Know Your True Nature

Conscious Life Leadership MastermindAll people want to be happy. Your inner peace and joy are to varying degrees blurred by identification with experiences, thoughts, feelings, and sensory impressions from the world around you. It leaves virtually all people in a place longing and searching for something indefinable that intuitively is known to be ‘a great place to be’. What you seek is to be united with your inner natural Being; that which is aware of any thought, feeling, or experience in your life – your innermost core and essence; your Consciousness. During this course, you learn to identify mental formations and emotions, etc. which keep you away from connecting with your inner Self – allowing you to connect with your inner happiness, joy, and peace.

When connecting to your inner Being, you learn to listen and see beyond the surface and establish in-depth insights and relationships. You now ‘see through the surface personality of others and see them as the human beings they are. In short, increasing your awareness will cause a shift in the way you experience your own life, people, and the world.

OUTCOME: You connect at a deeper level with your core Being and navigate the world with greater ease. You learn to see with greater clarity as you recognize mental formations, perceptions, emotions, etc. – hindering your personal growth and thus start experiencing the liberating and fantastic deep spacious feeling of inner peace and joy.

B: Get a Practice to Living in the Now – Create Focus, Concentration, Calm, and Inner Well-Being

An expanded level of awareness positively affects both yourself and everyone around you. It requires you to be ready for getting to know yourself at a deeper level.

In order to go deeper and beyond knowledge, you need to have a ‘practice’. By practice, I mean that you must learn to create a focused and attentive inner space within yourself. This part may take some practice.

We are inspired and guided by traditions of mental training such as mindfulness, which essentially just means making yourself familiar with something by directing your attention. In this case, you become more familiar with your inner Being. Creating a ‘practice’ is of paramount importance for your personal development and a difficult bridge to cross without help. It’s not about sitting cross-legged for hours in meditation, but about ‘tuning in’ on your inner self and being open to what you find.

Knowledge & Practice

There are three steps to learning: 1) Knowledge, 2) practice, and thus 3) awareness. Often you may only reach step one – you read a book, listen to a talk, or watch a video. Without practicing knowledge, you will not gain experience and gain no realization. This is the reason why even large amounts of knowledge often have no real effect on your life. Knowledge and practice are two equally important legs to walk on.

OUTCOME: You tune into your inner natural Being, which deepens your level of self-worth, compassion, and gratitude in life for life.

C: Self-Inquire to Live an Authentic Life and Go from A to B with Direction, Meaning, and Joy

Conscious Life Leadership Masterplan will sharpen your focus through questions such as:

If you do not know your goals and dreams, how can you aim for them?

If you do not have a deep understanding of who you are, how will you match your goals with who you are?

In other words: If A is where you are now – and B is where you want to go; then how can you create a good match between A and B – if you do not know A and maybe not even B? It is impossible. Hence the journey from A to B does not make sense for many people.Path of Passion

When, on the other hand, you know your A and B – and you start walking the line between them – the Path of Passion – then you lean into your own inspiration, purpose, and passion – experiencing the energy of doing what you love. This is for most people a huge eye-opening experience that takes them from a life of mediocrity to a life of enormous joy.

It takes courage to take an honest look at your life and perhaps recognize the need for a change of direction. Yet, better today than tomorrow!  In this course, you will learn, how to discover your path as we unfold what are your driving forces, motivational factors, core values ​​and activity values, and so forth.

It’s fantastic to see people get off the hamster wheel to nowhere and create a life that is meaningful to them. This is not difficult. In fact, simple steps will get you far – the problem is that you have never learned these steps. The most frequent comment is: ‘wow, it’s SO simple – why didn’t I know this earlier? 

You have now gotten the wind in your back – pushing you forward at a greater speed with less effort on your part.

You are about to discover your Path of Passion

Vibeke-Vad-Baunsgaard-Livsledelse- Vejen til personlig og professionel succes A_B

Vibeke V. B. at Dallund Castle

At Dallund Castle, I teach you how to unpack your core values as they are important guiding stars in your life. Thereto, you will become knowledgeable about your value activities, goals, drivers, inspirations, and visions – all of which provide direction for your specific path to success.

You will find that it is no longer three steps forward and two steps back. You gain direction and find comfort in your decisions as they are attuned to your inner core Being; you are ready to live your vision and gain momentum.

It is now also possible to draw up a specific plan to realize your goals and vision – a plan that shows you what you need to do in the long run, the next years – and the short run – next month, next week, and today – to move towards your vision. Just writing down your goals gives you a 42% greater chance of success.

OUTCOME: You gain knowledge about your purpose, core values, activity values, inspirations, and driving forces. You learn to match your personality with goals, vision, and purpose – and finally plan how to make your visions come true.

6 Months Course with Focus on Conscious Life Leadership, Personal Development, Self-Inquiry, and Your Personal Road to Success

With Conscious Life Leadership Masterplan, I give you the best of the best from 25 years of studies and research in the areas of relations, leadership, processes, and development as well as a life as a researcher, entrepreneur, editor-in-chief, consultant, speaker, personal advisor, lecturer, writer, etc. Over 6 months, you get a huge package of knowledge, practice, and understanding that all have been tested in practice and always move people closer to their goals. Most importantly, it brings much more joy, calm, flow, energy, health, strength, and zest into your life.

With Conscious Life Leadership Masterplan, you free yourself from the outside world of life and return to your inner self, your life force, and your energy. You take back the power to create the best possible life for you, peel away the complexity as you know your guiding stars, and thus simplify the mastery of leading a joyful life.

You learn to know your purpose and make a plan for turning your visions into reality. You get mental training techniques that provide focus, concentration, and inner peace. You come in contact with your inner Being, which increases both your self-understanding and understanding of others, and so your self-love, gratitude, and compassion will increase accordingly. We build a solid foundation for your personal growth at Dallund Castle and from there on I will follow and support you for 6 months. I see you as who you are and you can safely lean into our collaboration.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at 5059 5013.

The Content of Conscious Life Leadership Masterplan:Slotskursus-Livsledelse-Vindue-skoen-udsigt


  • Weekend at Dallund Castle at Northern Funen or another Setting of Your Choice
    • 9 teachings sessions, and 3 practice sessions over three days
    • Meals and individual accommodation from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon are included in the price
  • Network group with the opportunity for continual interaction during the entire course
    • All participants can pose questions and share knowledge and experiences
    • The network makes it possible for me to guide you throughout the course by answering specific questions
  • Feedback from you to me (English or Danish)
    • Two months into the course, you return a short questionnaire concerning your developments and challenges
    • Four months into the course,  you will again send feedback about your progress
  • 4 Private one-on-one conversations, where we focus specifically on your progress (English or Danish)
    • Conversation 1: In light of your first feedback we discuss your visions, plans, and progress and thereto evaluate any needs for change
    • Conversation 2: We have a follow-up conversation about joys and challenges
    • Conversation 3: After the second feedback, once again we discuss your personal path to success and if it’s on track
    • Conversation 4: It’s time to look a bit further into the future and talk about how to maintain your positive progress
  • Workshop about Continuous Conscious Life Leadership with Success / Q&A / Wrap-up (English)
    • Online workshop with more advanced knowledge about how to create long-lasting success
    • Q & A (Questions & Answers)
    • We wrap up the course, yet hold on to the network group for those of you who would like to continue the conversation

Dallund Castle is a beautiful pearl of history and nature, located in northern Funen. People at Dallund Castle have a huge focus on sustainability, which comes to life through their focus on biodiversity, homegrown vegetables, honey production, fruit orchard, and the vegetarian menu, which their kitchen proudly serves.

At the castle, you are accommodated in a beautiful private room with a view of either the lake, the castle grounds, or the surrounding fields. All rooms are tastefully and individually decorated to suit you as a guest.


Who is Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard?

Vibeke Vad BaunsgaardA creative, joyful, and very much alive person who cares about the greater unity of all.

In terms of educational background, I am originally a sociologist from Aalborg University and the University of Copenhagen, respectively, and have a Ph.D. from Copenhagen Business School in Organizational Studies and Innovation Management.

As a researcher, I have enjoyed 6 years as an Honorary Research Associate at the University of Technology, Sydney, and continue research with international research friends. In collaboration with ManageMagazine, I do talks, courses, and workshops about conscious life leadership, cross-functional collaboration/integration, strategy development, and much more. My journey between A and B is about knowledge, wisdom, and guiding people to connect with their core inner Being and thereby live harmonious joyful lives. We cannot create peace in the outer world without peace in our inner world.

Moreover, I have the pleasure of doing board work and being a strategic advisor to companies ready for the necessary change that growth and positive change requires.

Finally, in recent years I have been a personal advisor to leaders and private people who want to positively transform their personal and professional success.

You can read more at About VVB, LinkedIn, ManageMagazine’s about page,  Advisory Board ManageMagazine,  or you may like to listen to this podcast Business is Human, not Theory, or Models where I’m interviewed for Simply Practically Human by Mark LeBusque.

What is the Price for the Course: Conscious Life Leadership Masterplan?

Conscious Life Leadership Masterplan gives you the opportunity of enjoying teaching sessions, practice sessions, and personal advice with a relatively small investment.

The price of Conscious Life Leadership Masterplan is 19.199 DK KR. + VAT (4.800 DK KR)  with a total of  23.999 DK KR. 

The price includes 9 learning modules, 3 practice sessions, teaching materials, 4 personal advice sessions, an online workshop, and a 6-month networking group as described above.

This is your chance to improve your leadership – create harmony and inner calmness while creating the happy life you always dreamed of living. In essence, this masterplan is a rare opportunity for you to go deep and learn to connect with your inner Being, get a mental training practice, and learn self-inquiry – all necessary steps to engage fully in an aware way of living that provides you with great relations,  a happy life, and joyful presence.


Vibeke’s level of reflection and the quality of her work are highly impressive. Furthermore, she is a very pleasant person who is excellent at presenting and teaching while engaging participants. I recommend her as a professor or any other position she might wish to take on.

Tore Kristensen
Professor - Copenhagen Business School

Dr. Baunsgaard is bright, intelligent, and most importantly she has a playful wonder about how things work (or don’t work) and about what the future can look like. She offers a refreshingly innovative approach to not only bringing together multi and trans-disciplinary researchers and scholars, but also in developing ways in which such scholars and researchers collaborate and create mutual value and impact with the world of ‘practice’.

Tyrone Pitsis
Professor at Durham University

I find Baunsgaard’s theoretical approaches very innovative and original. Her research clearly benefits from an interdisciplinary approach based on a broad knowledge in the areas of sociology, management, and organization studies in general. She makes a valuable contribution to academic life – she’s a great colleague, an excellent teacher, and a flourishing author of high quality research.

Stewart R. Clegg
Distinguished Professor - University of Sydney

“Vibeke is a present and exuberant speaker who draws in participants with her extensive knowledge of conscious life leadership while engaging us all throughout. The importance of knowing your core values struck me in particular; do I know these?

I have been given some tangible tools on how to become more satisfied and happy in my daily life and life in general”.


Sarah Danmark
- Member of Ladies Circle Aarhus

“Thank you for a fantastic evening.

Vibeke – you were magical, energetic, and absolutely wonderful”

Louise Andersen
- Consultant - DANVA

At Aarhus University, Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard, Ph.D., held a unique online workshop about how people find their path to private and professional success and how they realize their goals. Any apprehension about hosting a three-hour online event turned out to be unnecessary.

With great professionalism and energy, Vibeke shared valuable knowledge highly relevant to participants’ daily lives. It was all delivered at eye level and her positive energy also motivated participants into engaging in small tasks and dialogue along the way. The workshop made a deep impression on all of us and strengthened the students’ clarity about career choices. I highly recommend Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard as a speaker. She is in the top 3 percent of speakers delivering helpful knowledge for impact.

Sofie Kinch
Post Doc and Lecturer, Aarhus University

Vibeke came in and conquered the room with her deep knowledge and passion for business leadership and organization. Vibeke, she doesn’t copy, she dares find her own way built on research, facts, and from networking with the most visionary and influential people in international business and leadership. Vibeke always brings her heart and best intentions to the table. You can be sure to take away lots of food for thought and inspiration to pour directly into your own life and business.

Anne Bach Krog Iversen
Chief DNA & Culture Officer at TimeXtender.

In the beginning, I was probably a little skeptical about life leadership and honestly also about seeking advice. I’m not skeptical anymore. I have learned to be more present in the now and have become more aware of how I experience myself, how I am experienced by others, and how I experience them. After a change of perspective – if you will – I do not judge other people very easily, and I do not feel judged by others. Vibeke has taught me how the validation of oneself is to come from within and not from the external world. It makes a world of difference and I feel more free and happy. Thank you, Vibeke

- Nurse, Aarhus University Hospital

Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard is one of the most intelligent people I have ever known. Vibeke sees things from angles, which most other people are blind to. Her high level of energy and pleasant personality moreover make her a person you want to be around. Vibeke is an authentic and loyal being who sees the person in front without gaze to either status or position.

The advisory sessions with Vibeke have literally changed my life for the better. In short, our conversations have changed my way of thinking and how I view the world. They have contributed to a more meaningful life while feeling more excitement in my daily life – benefitting both me and my family

- University of Aalborg

I knew of course you were good. Yet, I had not imagined that we’d ever get so far below the surface of things. I’m really impressed.

- Senior consultant, Public Sector

I know many who offers advice and have been on many courses and advice sessions. You! You just take it a step deeper than the others.

- Executive, IT-company

The pearls of wisdom that you shared with the participants of the conference have been deeply appreciated and we want to place on record your remarkable sense of duty towards taking responsibility for the dissemination of the tenets and promotion of ethical practices in Media and Journalism. You really went above and beyond to help this conference reach its full potential. 

Please accept hearty thanks from the MIT WPU family for all your support, vision, and guidance. Thanks once again for your remarkable and noteworthy contributions & participation.

Anuradha Parasar
- Dean and Professor, MIT World Peace University

Vibeke made an excellent presentation that really made people think about why we have the behavior we have. It was both entertaining and at the same time very fact-based. There is no doubt that Vibeke helps to get people to have a more open mindset and that her thoughts will improve collaboration for anyone who wants to create big things together in teams, across teams, and in their organization.

Heine Krog Iversen
Founder and CEO at TimeXtender

I highly recommend Dr. Baunsgaard, who facilitates strategic decision-making at my company Apparat. We do monthly strategic sparring sessions, and I always get useful constructive feedback that I can translate into optimizing my ways of doing business.

Our strategic sessions are particularly helpful in terms of identifying new opportunities and blind spots so we get to the root causes of things otherwise easily overlooked. In sum, Vibeke’s strategic advice and holistic view are valuable assets for my company and drives Apparat to better results.

Lars Steen Møller
- Owner and Managing Director at Apparat.

At the design agency Beck & Kinch, Vibeke has been in a leading position as we set a new course for our company’s vision and mission. In this collaboration, we experience how Vibeke translates our great ambitions into edible and tangible here-and-now actions – all done with the greatest empathy, commitment, and passion.

Vibeke’s focus on content marketing and digitalization, in general, makes us think in new ways – and she inspires us constantly to lift the bar for what we thought was possible. We warmly recommend others to invite Vibeke into the engine room – because not only does she approach all tasks with her sleeves rolled up and a big smile – she also manages to get us to do the same.

Sofie Kinch
- Partner at Beck & Kinch

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