Working hours make up a large part of your life. Thus, your happiness and life satisfaction depend on your happy work-life.

My invitation is therefore the following: Take charge of your career, follow your ’path of passion’, live authentically with direction and joy – and  -if you are in a hamster wheel, get out now and find a new job that matches, who you are.

It is not difficult to create positive changes. Often people say: ‘Wow, it’s SO simple – why didn’t I know this until now!’? But nowhere have you been taught how to create a good match between who you are and your life, your job, and your career.

I will guide you to identify the life, job, and career path that matches you well to ensure both your personal and professional success.

Walking the Path of Passion – from A to B

Often we talk about going from A to B.

If A is where you are now – and B is where you want to go – then we need to know both A and B. Yet, A is often forgotten – while B gets all the attention in talks of goals and dreams.

But how will you create a good match between A and B – if you don’t know A and maybe not even B? It is not possible. Hence, the journey from A to B makes no sense to many people.

If you don’t know your goals, how can you aim for them?

When, on the other hand, your deeper self-knowledge is coupled with clear objectives, you can lean into your own inspiration, purpose, and meaning to follow the path of passion. Everything now feels lighter, more meaningful, and energized. Valuable results occur faster. You will move at a faster speed with less effort.

Find the Great Job and Career that Match you Well

Conscious life leadership requires in-depth knowledge of yourself and nothing is more important than knowing your core values when aiming for success. Core values ​​are your guiding stars in life. They show the right direction for you.

For you to become clear on goals – I guide you to greater awareness about your core values, activity values, inspiration, inner drive, purpose, identity, and passion. Igniting your inner motor by matching ‘who you are’ with the right job and career, will give you lasting joy, meaning, and inner fulfillment.

Get Help Landing that New Job or Starting that New Career Path

Once the foundation is made, it is time to talk about other concerns: the preferred size of the workplace, distance to it, working conditions, expected working hours, work culture, and so on.

We also want to be clear about your competencies. It may, however, be difficult for you to identify your own skills, as they seem completely obvious to you. Therefore, together we evaluate your professional, social, and personal competencies.

Possible areas of focus – how to:

  • optimize the way you look for a job
  • write a job application that sets you positively apart from the competition
  • make a sharp CV
  • find relevant job portals
  • do a job search on LinkedIn
  • make your LinkedIn profile attractive to employees
  • prepare for job conversations, interviews, and coffee meetings
  • create and join valuable networks
  • boost your confidence and sense of self-worth
  • inspire you to take action to make your dreams come true

In sum, a great match consists of finding the career path that matches you as a person, what you are good at, what you can put into play in an organization, what makes a difference, and what activates your inner passion.

How does Personal Counseling take place in practice?

We meet in person, online, or talk via phone – probably we use a combination of these options. If you live outside Denmark, we communicate online.

Write or call to book an appointment or to find out if personal career counseling is right for you.

Mobile: 5059 5013 / email:

What is the Cost of Job and Career Counseling cost?

Choose then between two different introductory offers:

Call me at +45 5059 5013 – the first conversation on the phone is always free.

 1: An intensive career course spanning three half days (3×4 hours) – we understand your good match, values, purpose, passion, and goals- and make a plan for realizing goals – DKK 18,000.

 2: 10 counseling sessions of 1,5 hours – for you who like to stay motivated and inspired for a longer period of time DKK 19.999 – a price that is otherwise only obtained by booking long-term courses of advice.


Note: For VAT-registered persons, prices are excl. VAT – for private individuals, they include VAT.

You can of course book counseling according to regular prices:


All counseling sessions last for 1,5 hours.

Single counseling session DKK  2699 

5 counselings / 7,5 hours – DKK 12.499

10 counselings/ 15 hours –  DKK 22.999 

20 counselings / 30 hours – DKK 42.999 


Please do not hesitate to call me to talk about your wishes, challenges, and opportunities.

Reach me between 9 AM and 3 PM Central European Time (CET).

Call +45 5059 5013 or write to

In the beginning, I was probably a little skeptical about life leadership and honestly also about seeking advice. I’m not skeptical anymore. I have learned to be more present in the now and have become more aware of how I experience myself, how I am experienced by others, and how I experience them. After a change of perspective – if you will – I do not judge other people very easily, and I do not feel judged by others. Vibeke has taught me how the validation of oneself is to come from within and not from the external world. It makes a world of difference and I feel more free and happy. Thank you, Vibeke

- Nurse, Aarhus University Hospital

Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard is one of the most intelligent people I have ever known. Vibeke sees things from angles, which most other people are blind to. Her high level of energy and pleasant personality moreover make her a person you want to be around. Vibeke is an authentic and loyal being who sees the person in front without gaze to either status or position.

The advisory sessions with Vibeke have literally changed my life for the better. In short, our conversations have changed my way of thinking and how I view the world. They have contributed to a more meaningful life while feeling more excitement in my daily life – benefitting both me and my family

- University of Aalborg

I knew of course you were good. Yet, I had not imagined that we’d ever get so far below the surface of things. I’m really impressed.

- Senior consultant, Public Sector

I know many who offers advice and have been on many courses and advice sessions. You! You just take it a step deeper than the others.

- Executive, IT-company

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