Developing spiritual awareness and spiritual intelligence is not reserved for a special few. You can actively choose to develop your awareness and thereby live a life with greater love, freedom, connectedness, self-worth, self-insight, meaning, and joy.

Perhaps you carry a hollow sense of emptiness in your chest, experience a deeper connectedness of things, or feel a longing for deeper relationships and meaning in life. Perhaps you are looking for advanced advice on spiritual awakening and meditation. Regardless, if you’re thinking there must be more to life – you’re right, and it’s waiting for your decision to tune into it.

Maybe the word ‘spirituality’ makes you a little uneasy. As a researcher, I can assure you that the connection between spiritual awareness and happiness, meaning, and well-being is well documented.

Why get Advice for the Development of your Spirituality?

With renewed awareness, you learn to see with greater clarity. You can thus free yourself from worries and negative energy that drags you down and thereby experience an exalted sense of freedom. In addition, you will in time experience a connection with the world as one, which will give you a great sense of inner peace, harmony, and joy.

The outer world cannot offer you deep joy and connectedness. Once turning your gaze inward – your life will change. Everything you seek is within you.

How are Spiritual Awareness and Spiritual Intelligence Developed?

A higher inner Being is already there and not something you develop. You are just more or less in contact with it. This is why spiritual growth is sometimes referred to as ‘spiritual awakening’ – that is – waking up from the illusion and ignorance that have blurred the connection with your inner being and cosmos.

What I do is help you get in touch with your inner being. Through increased knowledge, awareness of barriers, and by developing a mental practice, we grow your spiritual intelligence.

How does Spiritual Advice take place in practice?

We talk either in person, online, or by phone – maybe a combination of these. If you live outside Denmark, advice sessions will be online or by phone.

I recommend having advice sessions once a week therein it suits your calendar. This is good for creating momentum in your developments.

What are the Prices of Spiritual Advice with Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard?

For organizations, prices are exclusive of VAT, and for private individuals, prices are inclusive of VAT.

Introductory offer for new clients:

Get an introductory offer where you receive 12 advice sessions of 90 minutes each (18 hours) at a special price of 32,397 DKK (normal price 43,997 DKK).

Call me to learn more at 5059 5013 – the first advice session by phone is always free.

Short Advice Program

Would you like to try spiritual advice and experience how it can help you, or do you have an urgent issue you’d like to discuss? You can choose:

5 counseling sessions of 1 hour each (first session 90 minutes) for 14,799 DKK.


Mobile: +45 5059 5013

Email: vibeke@vibekebaunsgaard.com


Briefly about Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard, Ph.D.

As the Managing Director and editor-in-chief of ManageMagazine, I run an online global magazine about leadership and management. My educational background counts a degree in sociology and a PhD. from Copenhagen Business School in Organization Studies and Innovation Management with a focus on cross-functional collaboration.

As a researcher, I have been an Honorary Researcher at the University of Technology, Sydney for six years. Today, I give lectures, workshops, and courses on topics such as collaboration, cross-functional collaboration, building relationships & communication, and Conscious Life Leadership. Moreover, I advise individuals, leaders, employees, executives, and boards about strategy, leadership, cross-functional collaboration, communication, conscious life leadership, mindfulness, meditation and increased awareness.

Finally, I have enjoyed meditation, mindfulness, and mindful walking for the past 23 years and worked more intensely with spiritual development, intuition, wisdom, and awareness for the past 15 years.

Call me at 5059 5013 or write to vibeke@vibekebaunsgaard.com

In the beginning, I was probably a little skeptical about life leadership and honestly also about seeking advice. I’m not skeptical anymore. I have learned to be more present in the now and have become more aware of how I experience myself, how I am experienced by others, and how I experience them. After a change of perspective – if you will – I do not judge other people very easily, and I do not feel judged by others. Vibeke has taught me how the validation of oneself is to come from within and not from the external world. It makes a world of difference and I feel more free and happy. Thank you, Vibeke

- Nurse, Aarhus University Hospital

Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard is one of the most intelligent people I have ever known. Vibeke sees things from angles, which most other people are blind to. Her high level of energy and pleasant personality moreover make her a person you want to be around. Vibeke is an authentic and loyal being who sees the person in front without gaze to either status or position.

The advisory sessions with Vibeke have literally changed my life for the better. In short, our conversations have changed my way of thinking and how I view the world. They have contributed to a more meaningful life while feeling more excitement in my daily life – benefitting both me and my family

- University of Aalborg

I knew of course you were good. Yet, I had not imagined that we’d ever get so far below the surface of things. I’m really impressed.

- Senior consultant, Public Sector

I know many who offers advice and have been on many courses and advice sessions. You! You just take it a step deeper than the others.

- Executive, IT-company

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