Is your organization ready to explore the power of emotional intelligence and witness its positive influence on leadership, collaboration, and team success?

If you’ve recognized the benefits of heightened emotional intelligence, perhaps now is the time to translate your insights into action through a course or workshop about emotional intelligence.

Research and practice speak with one voice when it comes to emotional intelligence: Emotional intelligence contributes to a healthy and effective work environment that promotes engagement, innovation, and sustainable growth. High emotional intelligence levels not only enhance individual performance but also increase team effectiveness and overall organizational success.

As a researcher and practitioner with many years of business experience, I can attest that any organization can benefit from developing the team’s emotional intelligence. Conversely, it can be both socially and financially costly when teams and leaders show low emotional intelligence.

What are the Consequences of Teams, Leaders or Staff Lacking Emotional Intelligence?

• Ineffective leadership
• Reduced productivity
• Poor employee well-being
• Negative impact on relationships
• Lack of trust and credibility
• Conflicts and disagreements
• Stress, stress-related illnesses, and many sick days
• Weak-to-unhealthy organizational culture
• Loss of talent
• Limited innovative potential


Characteristics of the Emotionally Intelligent Leader or Employee

The emotionally intelligent leader or employee will find it easier to perform a variety of core functions within the company, including:

• Improved leadership (we all lead our own lives – some also lead others): Ability to inspire and motivate teams, leading to increased engagement and productivity.

• Better team dynamics: Enhanced ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with others. This creates a psychologically safe environment where ideas and perspectives are freely exchanged.

• Enhanced communication: Expressing themselves clearly and understanding how their words and actions affect others. This leads to more effective communication and fewer misunderstandings.

• Reduction of stress and conflicts: Greater ability to handle stress and conflicts constructively by strengthening emotional self-regulation and empathy.

• Higher job satisfaction: Increased levels of perceived job satisfaction and engagement, as well as a sense of appreciation and recognition in the workplace.

• Increased innovation and creativity: Greater openness to new ideas and perspectives. Their ability to understand and manage complex emotional situations can lead to more creative and innovative problem-solving.

• Mistake management: Ability to see mistakes as opportunities for learning and growth rather than as defeats, which is crucial for innovation.

• Improved business outcomes: Studies show that a company’s bottom line increases with increased emotional intelligence.

By investing in the development of emotional intelligence among leaders and employees, your organization can achieve significant benefits that will be shown on the social, sustainable, and financial bottom line.

Book a Course, Talk or Workshop on Emotional Intelligence (online or in-house)

In a course or workshop about emotional intelligence, you will learn what emotional intelligence is, how to increase it, and how to practice it.

You will learn through specific examples—preferably from your own organizations. We will emphasize participants learning how to apply knowledge in the day-to-day organizational life.

The workshop is designed to provide you and your team with the necessary foundation and tools to identify, understand, and regulate emotions—both your own and others’. From conflict management to decision-making, you will learn to use emotional intelligence as a powerful resource in any situation.

Moreover, you will expand your repertoire of skills, improve your personal leadership and ability to collaborate, and become an important resource for fostering a positive work environment where psychological safety creates conditions for well-being, creativity, innovation, physical and mental health, and thus also efficiency. All ingredients in building a healthy business/organization with a positive bottom line.

Contact me today if you are interested in improving your team’s emotional intelligence for a healthy work environment and organization..

Contact—Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard, Ph.D.—at mobile 0045 5059 5013 or email: vibeke@vibekebaunsgaard.com

Your Course Instructor Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard, Ph.D

  • Director and Editor-in-Chief at ManageMagazine.com – a global magazine about leadership and management
  • Personal, leadership, and executive advisor, speaker, and course instructor via vibekebaunsgaard.com
  • Mindfulness and meditation guide
  • Researcher – PhD in Organization Studies and Innovation Management
  • Sociologist
  • Board member

My educational background includes a Ph.D. from Copenhagen Business School in organizational studies and innovation management. I hold a diploma from Centennial College in Toronto, Canada, and have a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Aalborg University and a master’s degree in sociology from Copenhagen University.

For six years, I have been an honorary researcher at the University of Technology, Sydney, working closely with leading organizational researcher Professor Stewart Clegg.

My research approach – and thus teaching – is interdisciplinary and draws on leadership, management, sociology, and business research. Teachings always focus on providing actionable knowledge so participants can make a real-life positive impact through the knowledge they gain.


EXPLORE ALSO: If you are interested in improving your leader’s level of performance, well-being, and conscious life leadership (including emotional intelligence) then have a look at the certified course: Conscious Life Leadership for Leaders


A list of publications can be found on this page: Research. To understand better the foundation of knowledge I stand on, please see About Vibeke

To hear more about educating your team of leaders and employees, contact Vibeke at +45 5059 5013 or vibeke@vibekebaunsgaard.com


For testimonials, please see below.

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    Vibeke’s level of reflection and the quality of her work are highly impressive. Furthermore, she is a very pleasant person who is excellent at presenting and teaching while engaging participants. I recommend her as a professor or any other position she might wish to take on.

    Tore Kristensen
    Professor - Copenhagen Business School

    Dr. Baunsgaard is bright, intelligent, and most importantly she has a playful wonder about how things work (or don’t work) and about what the future can look like. She offers a refreshingly innovative approach to not only bringing together multi and trans-disciplinary researchers and scholars, but also in developing ways in which such scholars and researchers collaborate and create mutual value and impact with the world of ‘practice’.

    Tyrone Pitsis
    Professor at Durham University

    I find Baunsgaard’s theoretical approaches very innovative and original. Her research clearly benefits from an interdisciplinary approach based on a broad knowledge in the areas of sociology, management, and organization studies in general. She makes a valuable contribution to academic life – she’s a great colleague, an excellent teacher, and a flourishing author of high quality research.

    Stewart R. Clegg
    Distinguished Professor - University of Sydney

    “Vibeke is a present and exuberant speaker who draws in participants with her extensive knowledge of conscious life leadership while engaging us all throughout. The importance of knowing your core values struck me in particular; do I know these?

    I have been given some tangible tools on how to become more satisfied and happy in my daily life and life in general”.


    Sarah Danmark
    - Member of Ladies Circle Aarhus

    “Thank you for a fantastic evening.

    Vibeke – you were magical, energetic, and absolutely wonderful”

    Louise Andersen
    - Consultant - DANVA

    At Aarhus University, Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard, Ph.D., held a unique online workshop about how people find their path to private and professional success and how they realize their goals. Any apprehension about hosting a three-hour online event turned out to be unnecessary.

    With great professionalism and energy, Vibeke shared valuable knowledge highly relevant to participants’ daily lives. It was all delivered at eye level and her positive energy also motivated participants into engaging in small tasks and dialogue along the way. The workshop made a deep impression on all of us and strengthened the students’ clarity about career choices. I highly recommend Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard as a speaker. She is in the top 3 percent of speakers delivering helpful knowledge for impact.

    Sofie Kinch
    Post Doc and Lecturer, Aarhus University

    Vibeke came in and conquered the room with her deep knowledge and passion for business leadership and organization. Vibeke, she doesn’t copy, she dares find her own way built on research, facts, and from networking with the most visionary and influential people in international business and leadership. Vibeke always brings her heart and best intentions to the table. You can be sure to take away lots of food for thought and inspiration to pour directly into your own life and business.

    Anne Bach Krog Iversen
    Chief DNA & Culture Officer at TimeXtender.

    In the beginning, I was probably a little skeptical about life leadership and honestly also about seeking advice. I’m not skeptical anymore. I have learned to be more present in the now and have become more aware of how I experience myself, how I am experienced by others, and how I experience them. After a change of perspective – if you will – I do not judge other people very easily, and I do not feel judged by others. Vibeke has taught me how the validation of oneself is to come from within and not from the external world. It makes a world of difference and I feel more free and happy. Thank you, Vibeke

    - Nurse, Aarhus University Hospital

    Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard is one of the most intelligent people I have ever known. Vibeke sees things from angles, which most other people are blind to. Her high level of energy and pleasant personality moreover make her a person you want to be around. Vibeke is an authentic and loyal being who sees the person in front without gaze to either status or position.

    The advisory sessions with Vibeke have literally changed my life for the better. In short, our conversations have changed my way of thinking and how I view the world. They have contributed to a more meaningful life while feeling more excitement in my daily life – benefitting both me and my family

    - University of Aalborg

    I knew of course you were good. Yet, I had not imagined that we’d ever get so far below the surface of things. I’m really impressed.

    - Senior consultant, Public Sector

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