As a leader, you face a variety of challenges, and you have to deal with and prioritize among them all. Oftentimes, you are alone or partly alone with major decision-making processes. When engaging a competent and trusted strategic advisor, you gain new perspectives for possible directions and growth opportunities. With a fresh undisturbed outsider view, it is oftentimes easier to point out what you should do less of, do more of, stop completely, and what you must initiate to reach your goals.

The questions are many. They are important for business success. You have probably heard it before: posing the right questions are far more important than providing immediate answers. In other words, answers to the wrong questions are not gonna help you!

They can range from some of the following questions to something completely different:


Why do employees agree with new strategies, yet they don’t seem much interested in living them out in practice?

How do I get teams and departments to collaborate and share knowledge?

How do I ensure successful social media and content marketing?

How can I ensure greater well-being?

What strings must I pull to increase the innovation in the company?

How do I create greater confidence?

Should I initiate collaborative partnerships?

How do I make the organization ready for the forthcoming technological development?

We face organizational change and know that 70-80 percent of organizational changes fail – how do I ensure our success?

How can I improve my leadership to create followers based on choice rather than control?

How can I as a leader facilitate the success of my employees?


You will probably be surprised how fast we can tune into your challenges, create common trust, and find new ways and solutions for your organization. In a trusted dialogue, we discuss the necessary solutions for your business or organization; first things first.  Encouraging this outside-in view is extremely useful for taking both the helicopter view while also eyeing and respecting the importance of detail.

The power of engaging me as your strategic advisor is having a professional dialogue with a person who has many years of experience both in research and in practice as a business owner.

Entering with an open mindset and a genuine interest in a professional fresh view of your organization and opportunities within, you are sure to benefit from our dialogue.

Call me at 5059 5013 for a talk about how you reach your goals.


Areas of special interest are leadership, conscious life leadership, motivation/inspiration, purpose leadership, change leadership, collaboration, collaboration across departments, knowledge sharing, communication, content marketing, and social media strategies. My specialty is eyeing opportunities and navigating structures to let your organization benefit from these opportunities.

Together we can identify barriers for your goals and move on to eye opportunities and create strategies for growth, whether in terms of social, cultural, economic, or ecological sustainable solutions.

Give me a call at 5059 5013 or write an email at to talk about how to lift your organization.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

I highly recommend Dr. Baunsgaard, who facilitates strategic decision-making at my company Apparat. We do monthly strategic sparring sessions, and I always get useful constructive feedback that I can translate into optimizing my ways of doing business.

Our strategic sessions are particularly helpful in terms of identifying new opportunities and blind spots so we get to the root causes of things otherwise easily overlooked. In sum, Vibeke’s strategic advice and holistic view are valuable assets for my company and drives Apparat to better results.

Lars Steen Møller
- Owner and Managing Director at Apparat.

At the design agency Beck & Kinch, Vibeke has been in a leading position as we set a new course for our company’s vision and mission. In this collaboration, we experience how Vibeke translates our great ambitions into edible and tangible here-and-now actions – all done with the greatest empathy, commitment, and passion.

Vibeke’s focus on content marketing and digitalization, in general, makes us think in new ways – and she inspires us constantly to lift the bar for what we thought was possible. We warmly recommend others to invite Vibeke into the engine room – because not only does she approach all tasks with her sleeves rolled up and a big smile – she also manages to get us to do the same.

Sofie Kinch
- Partner at Beck & Kinch

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