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Studies show that great relations between leaders, managers, and employees positively influence the organization’s results. Conscious life leadership invites you to draw on multiple intelligences for creating great collaboration.

Draw on Multiple Intelligences to be an Authentic Conscious Life Leader

Conscious life leadership invites deep insight into the self, people, and context. The result is excellent discernment attuned to individuals and situations.

With deeper insights and data, from the integration of your inner and outer world, you will be able to navigate relationships and the world around you with unprecedented ease.

You must be able to manage yourself before you can manage people and organizations

We are all leaders of our own lives and some are also leaders of other people and organizations.

Conscious life leadership is not a new way of leadership. It is an understanding, which recognizes that by drawing on cognitive, emotional, and spiritual intelligence, it is possible to generate a greater understanding of self, others and context that makes for great relationships and good decisions. This moreover facilitates a wonderful work environment, a desire to share knowledge, and a wish for being creative and effective in working towards a mutual purpose.

When you lean into your own intelligences – cognitive, emotional, and spiritual – then you live and lead from an authentic place that is based on inner core values. This allows you to lead effectively, create followership, spread great energy in the team, and so inspire all around you. There is no quick fix to conscious life leadership. It requires knowledge, practice, curiosity, and not least an open mind.

Conscious Life Leadership Solves the Modern Problems of Organization’s

Modern organizations may be challenged by stress, job retention, lack of collaboration, and communication across units and professions. Conscious life leadership solves a large number of these challenges. This should not surprise us as the conscious life leader has great success in creating companionship, innovation, creativity, trust, psychological security, cooperation, well-being, inspiration, good energy, collaboration, efficiency, as well as reducing job-escape and sick leave; particularly stress-related illnesses. These are all factors that affect the entire organization and its results.

When you lead authentically then you invite others to do the same and this creates room for both personal and professional success.

It’s not so much about what you know, it’s about what you do

One thing is knowledge, another thing is practicing what we know. In this talk, you will learn the most important steps to becoming a conscious life leader. They include: understand and connect with your inner Being; see the human being behind the personality; be courageous, open, and curious; know your values to live and lead authentically; understand your purpose and match it with people and areas of leadership; recruit based on values, purpose, and passion; know and boost your level of self-worth; listen deeply; get ‘a practice’ that invites peace, calm, and quietness into your life; teach your entire team to be conscious life leaders

In the facilitation of great relations, both leaders and organizational members must know, understand, and practice conscious life leadership. To unfold its positive impact, it must thus penetrate the entire organization. That said, it often starts with leaders prioritizing making great conditions for relations, collaboration, and well-being across the organization. 

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At Aarhus University, Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard, Ph.D., held a unique online workshop about how people find their path to private and professional success and how they realize their goals. Any apprehension about hosting a three-hour online event turned out to be unnecessary.

With great professionalism and energy, Vibeke shared valuable knowledge highly relevant to participants’ daily lives. It was all delivered at eye level and her positive energy also motivated participants into engaging in small tasks and dialogue along the way. The workshop made a deep impression on all of us and strengthened the students’ clarity about career choices. I highly recommend Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard as a speaker. She is in the top 3 percent of speakers delivering helpful knowledge for impact.

Sofie Kinch
Post Doc and Lecturer, Aarhus University

Vibeke came in and conquered the room with her deep knowledge and passion for business leadership and organization. Vibeke, she doesn’t copy, she dares find her own way built on research, facts, and from networking with the most visionary and influential people in international business and leadership. Vibeke always brings her heart and best intentions to the table. You can be sure to take away lots of food for thought and inspiration to pour directly into your own life and business.

Anne Bach Krog Iversen
Chief DNA & Culture Officer at TimeXtender.

The pearls of wisdom that you shared with the participants of the conference have been deeply appreciated and we want to place on record your remarkable sense of duty towards taking responsibility for the dissemination of the tenets and promotion of ethical practices in Media and Journalism. You really went above and beyond to help this conference reach its full potential. 

Please accept hearty thanks from the MIT WPU family for all your support, vision, and guidance. Thanks once again for your remarkable and noteworthy contributions & participation.

Anuradha Parasar
- Dean and Professor, MIT World Peace University

Vibeke made an excellent presentation that really made people think about why we have the behavior we have. It was both entertaining and at the same time very fact-based. There is no doubt that Vibeke helps to get people to have a more open mindset and that her thoughts will improve collaboration for anyone who wants to create big things together in teams, across teams, and in their organization.

Heine Krog Iversen
Founder and CEO at TimeXtender

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