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Through evidence-based and tried-out knowledge, this high-quality unique two-day course teaches you how to:

1) practice conscious life leadership with the positive effect of living a harmonious life and reaching your goals,

2) collaborate successfully across professions/departments and

3) build collaborative advantage partnerships with internal and external stakeholders as a strategy for success

This course is based on a strong theoretical foundation translated into practical guidelines for easy implementation. It is designed specifically to positively increase your short-term and long-term levels of success.

Step-by-step you learn about the necessary reflections for taking control of your own life. You are given the necessary tools and insights for creating positive work relations across professions and departments and finally, you learn to plan for loyal customer/client engagement and build partnerships with internal and external stakeholders providing you unforeseen value; a value that could not have been achieved otherwise.


  • Achieve greater and more results with fewer resources
  • Become a conscious life leader
  • Create a healthy, inspiring, and creative work environment
  • Mobilize staff, colleagues, customers, partners, and stakeholders around a common purpose
  • Go from vision, mission, and brand identity to a unifying purpose agenda to reach more ‘end-users’
  • Build greater loyalty
  • Generate a higher income and
  • Create more ambitious partnerships


Day 1 – Morning: Master ConsciousLife Leadership and live an Authentic and Harmonious Life

Leadership is key to organizations, yet when it comes to leadership of our own lives, we tend to be less focused. To accomplish your goals and live a harmonious life –  you need to understand the building blocks of your life foundation. When in place, anything on top of it will find solid ground for growth. Participants are known to find huge immediate benefits in this knowledge as applied to their daily lives.

By conscious life-leadership, we refer to taking charge of leading your own life – not to self-management as an alternative to leadership by a superior. Conscious life leadership is about navigating life while being aware of both the inner and external world. We guide you to a deeper understanding of your core values, activity values, and inspiration and how you translate intentions into action, to make lasting change actions, and much more.

Ultimately, conscious self-leadership will make you a more socially generous, likable, trustworthy, and harmonious person for the benefit of yourself and the people around you.

COURSE OUTCOMES – You will learn:

  • What is conscious life leadership and how to practice it successfully
  • How to identify core values and live accordingly
  • How to live in harmony with self and others
  • How to turn personal intention into action and reach goals
  • How to match person/organization and goals
  • What actually drives change
  • How to be understood and understand others better
  • How to inspire people around you


Day 1  Afternoon: Collaborate Across Departments, Functions, and Professions

Collaborating with people of other professions, from other teams, departments,  functions, or units is a challenge. Yet, when you understand the different dominant logics that are accumulated over time through action, education, and experience, then you realize, how it is possible to view multiple perspectives simultaneously and gather the best from all views to unite actionable strategies, innovations, and doings.

Understanding the barriers to collaboration is a powerful tool for increasing collaboration, knowledge sharing, innovation, and work satisfaction across your organization.

COURSE OUTCOMES – You will learn:

  • What are dominant logics and how do they influence behavior and steer organizations
  • How to break down barriers for collaboration across functions, departments, and professions
  • How to communicate and increase knowledge sharing across departments and professions
  • Why the ‘path of least resistance’ is a costly road to walk
  • Why management of emotions beats management of meaning and management of decisions as a successful route to strategy implementation


Day 2 – Create Collaborative Advantage through Valuable Partnerships

By building Collaborative Advantage and new partnerships you achieve a new level of success by bringing the outside world value into your organization.

Traditional ‘competitive’, rather than collaborative – models of business influence our thinking on strategy and hold us back.

On this second day of the course, we dive more deeply into the idea of Collaborative Advantage: why it is a better goal for business; how is it be created; and what does it enable you to achieve in practice.  We will clarify the connection between vision, mission, brand identity, brand agenda, and purpose. You will understand and learn to apply the Outside-In-framework to increase business value by involving all stakeholders inside and outside the business in maximizing Collaborative Advantage in pursuit of a common purpose. Moreover, you’ll get a chance to relate the concept to your own work and to get a clear picture of the steps forward for you.


COURSE OUTCOMES – You will learn:

  • How to formulate an actionable vision and mission statement in line with a clear purpose
  • How to translate your brand identity into a brand agenda with a clear message that will unite people inside and outside your organization
  • How to build loyalty and increase customer/client/student engagement and participation
  • How to increase your revenue through valuable partnerships as an agenda for success – a success not possible to build alone


Course Instructors are Author Paul Skinner and Dr. Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard




We are extremely proud to engage London-based Paul Skinner, who holds distinctive know-how about building Collaborative Advantage. Paul is an author, Director, Founder, Board Member, and Honorary Fellow at Edge Hill University. He is an expert on ‘leading with a purpose’ and winner of Chartered Institute of Marketing Consultant of the Year 2014 and 2016.

In the summer of 2018, Paul Skinner released his insightful book: Collaborative Advantage: How collaboration beats competition as a strategy for success. This book is an extraordinary read and highly recommendable. All course participants will receive a signed copy. Since the book launch, Paul has tirelessly traveled Europe and beyond to speak about Collaborative Advantage. We are extremely pleased to welcome Paul in Aarhus in October 2019.


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Dr. Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard is the founder and editor-in-chief at ManageMagazine – a global online leadership and management magazine. She holds a degree in Sociology and a Ph.D. in Organization Studies and Innovation Management from Copenhagen Business School. From 2013-2019 she’s been an honorable research associate at the University of Technology of Sydney and her research is published in some of the world’s most distinguished management journals. Vibeke is a member of various Boards / Advisory Boards and a speaker at leadership conferences and more.


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