More than ever we are aware that living a happy life is not about accumulating capital so as to buy markers of success – whether a house, a car, vacations, jewelry, and so forth. You want more from life and may have a feeling that a more fulfilling life is awaiting you.

Whether you are heading in the right direction and would like more speed in your career, awakening process, or solve private challenges – or whether you have been going in the wrong direction for a while and therefore experience a lack of meaning in various parts of life or life in general – first and foremost, you will benefit from tuning into yourself – learning what is success and the right path for you specifically.

Know Yourself in Depth

One of the main keys to success is knowing oneself in-depth no matter if it concerns career, relations, health, and so forth.

Without knowing yourself in some depth, you likely have only hazy ideas about your purpose, core values, activity values, motivational factors, driving forces, fears and limitations, and so forth. Without this knowledge, it is difficult to find direction and meaning in life.  All too often, we run at 120 kilometers an hour towards a goal that is not a good match for who we truly are. This results in frustration once reaching the finishing line – realizing that this is the wrong place for me and thereto –  the journey from A to B was difficult, meaningless, and without excitement.

When, on the other hand, you know and understand the specific goals that are a great match for you – then you go on the line from your A to your B and so you are leaning into your own drivers; activating your motivation, passion, purpose, and vision. This is where the magic occurs and the joy of everyday life becomes greater and greater.

Lift your Level of Consciousness

No matter what success is for you, it will accelerate your level of success to focus on lifting your level of consciousness. It may sound a bit abstract at first. However, once you master to live in the now and not the past or the future, then you direct all your energy into what is important to you and you will soon be rewarded with greater quality in your doings.

Get a Personal Advisor for Successful Conscious Life Leadership and Self-Development

Like all people, you largely see the world through a funnel that consists of your knowledge and your experiences. What lies outside the funnel vision is more difficult to see; often called blind spots. Yet there is more to it than opening up to what you do not see since it is that which is inside the funnel that colors the view of that outside the funnel. Therefore, casting light on habits, patterns, and the possibilities of life in general with an advisor can open up doors and opportunities you did not even think existed.

You can choose advice for a number of areas, all of which are about life leadership – mastering your own life:

  • Getting further and faster up the career ladder (making sure it’s up the right wall)
  • Finding inner peace and harmony
  • Putting your inner driving forces and motivation into play – cf. career, private life, health, education, etc.
  • Knowing core values, activity values, drivers, and motivation
  • Making decision-making that harmonizes with your values easier
  • Shedding light on what it means specifically for you to live a good and happy life?
  • Reducing stress
  • Reducing the complexity of your life to focus on what is most valuable
  • Increasing interaction between body, mind, and consciousness
  • Choosing the right education or career that matches me as ‘who I am’
  • Learning how focused attention can promote your calm – at home and at work
  • Increasing the level of awareness and spiritual development in life
  • Expanding social, emotional, and spiritual intelligence
  • Creating greater relationships both private and professionally
  • Reducing negative thoughts about either the past or the future – bringing joy to the present
  • Leaving feelings of emptiness, sadness, and loneliness and entering into a meaningful ‘now’
  • Increasing fun, joy,  and playfulness
  • Getting a practice of mental training: mindfulness or meditation


How Do Advice Conversations Work In Practice?

Call or write to me to book a time or to unfold if personal advice is the way forward for you

Mobile: 5059 5013 / email:

Personal advice is offered on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly basis. It is not possible to book single conversations except for the first time, as there are no one-day-quick-fixes to getting direction, meaning, and increasing joy in life. It is important that we get to know each other, and have time to initiate and support change processes.

We meet either in person, online, or talk on the phone – likely a combination of the options mentioned.

You are paying for your positive transformation – not my time

Advice conversations are 2 x 45 minutes per week, although we usually spend 90 minutes the first time getting to know each other. Most people choose a single 90-minutes session due to their calendar and allowing for deep conversations. Know that you are not so much paying for my time as you are paying for your positive transformation. Please note that once you have booked personal advice, it is possible to call me outside scheduled conversations in case of an emergency that needs immediate attention. 

Together we unpack your challenges. Often it is not so much about a particular problem here and now, although this must also be attended to, but more about finding constructive ways of navigating through life situations. This is sustainable life leadership, which continues to guide you throughout life. Investing in personal advice is investing in a joyful life.

For you to benefit from personal advice, the most important thing is that you feel ready to make changes in your life and take on the responsibility for your personal development.

PRICES for Advice Sessions all include VAT

Monthly: DKK 24,997

Quarterly: DKK 54,997 (Monthly 18,332)

Half-yearly: DKK 89,997. (Monthly: DKK 14,999)

Yearly: 161.997 excl. VAT (Monthly: DKK 13,500)


Call me at 5059 5013 or write to

In the beginning, I was probably a little skeptical about life leadership and honestly also about seeking advice. I’m not skeptical anymore. I have learned to be more present in the now and have become more aware of how I experience myself, how I am experienced by others, and how I experience them. After a change of perspective – if you will – I do not judge other people very easily, and I do not feel judged by others. Vibeke has taught me how the validation of oneself is to come from within and not from the external world. It makes a world of difference and I feel more free and happy. Thank you, Vibeke

- Nurse, Aarhus University Hospital

Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard is one of the most intelligent people I have ever known. Vibeke sees things from angles, which most other people are blind to. Her high level of energy and pleasant personality moreover makes her a person you want to be around. Vibeke is an authentic and loyal being who sees the person in front without gaze to neither status nor position.

The advisory sessions with Vibeke have literally changed my life for the better. In short, our conversations have changed my way of thinking and how I view the world. They have contributed to me a more meaningful life while feeling more excitement in my daily life – benefitting both me and my family

- University of Aalborg

I knew of course you were good. Yet, I had not imagined that we’d ever get so far below the surface of things. I’m really impressed.

- Senior consultant, Public Sector

I know many who offers advice and have been on many courses and advice sessions. You! You just take it a step deeper than the others.

- Executive, IT-company

Interested in personal advice?


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